Recipe: Spanish Bun

Scald one cupful of milk and then cool to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and pour in a bowl and add

  • Three tablespoonfuls sugar,
  • One-half teaspoonful salt,
  • One yeast cake dissolved in four tablespoonfuls cool water,
  • Three cupfuls of flour.
  • Beat for five minutes with a spoon and let rise for two hours. Now cream
  • One and one-quarter cupfuls sugar,
  • One-half cupful of shortening

until very light and creamy and then drop in, one by one, three eggs, beating the eggs for three minutes. Add this to the yeast-raised dough, together with one cupful of sifted flour. Beat with a wooden spoon for fifteen minutes and then pour into a greased and floured pan, filling the pan half full. Put the raisins on the top and then cover and let rise until it fills the pan almost to the edge. Bake in a moderate oven for fifty-five minutes and then cool and ice.

Foods That Will Win The War And How To Cook Them (Year 1918)
by C. Houston Goudiss and Alberta M. Goudiss