Recipe: Stuffed Tomatoes, No. 1

Cut off a small piece of the top; squeeze out the seeds and water. Remove the meat of the tomato with a spoon, without breaking or injuring the shape. Fry an onion cut fine, then put in your stuffing (sausage meat, CHICKEN, veal or beef hashed fine), salt, pepper, parsley and a little green pepper, cut fine. To this add all the meat of the tomato you removed with the spoon. When well mixed and cooked fill each with the Dressing, on top sprinkling toasted bread crumbs and a piece of butter. Bake in tins.

If you use sausage meat as stuffing add a little bread soaked in water and squeezed hard, so that it will readily mix with the meat.

The Cookery Blue Book, by Society for Christian Work of the First Unitarian Church, San Francisco, California (Year 1891)