Recipe: Suet Dumplings, No. 1

One pint bowl of fine bread crumbs, one-half cupful of beef suet chopped fine, the whites and yolks of four eggs beaten separately and very light, one teaspoonful of cream of tartar sifted into half a cupful of flour, half a teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a little water, and a teaspoonful of salt. Wet it all together with milk enough to make a stiff paste. Flour your hands and make into balls. Tie up in separate cloths that have been wrung out in hot water and floured inside; leave room, when tying, for them to swell. Drop them into boiling water and boil about three-quarters of an hour. Serve hot, with Wine Sauce, or syrup and butter.

The Whitehouse Cookbook, by Mrs. F.L. Gillette (Year 1887)