Recipe: To Roast Pigeons

Draw and pick four PIGEONS immediately after they are killed, and let them be cooked soon, as they do not keep well. Wash the inside very clean, and wipe it dry. Stuff them with a mixture of parsley parboiled and chopped, grated bread-crumbs, and butter; seasoned with pepper, salt, and nutmeg. Dredge them with flour, and roast them before a good fire, basting them with butter. They will be done in about twenty-five or thirty minutes. Serve them up with parsley-Sauce. Lay the PIGEONS on the dish in a row.
If asparagus is in season, it will be much better than parsley both for the stuffing and Sauce. It must first be boiled. Chop the green heads for the stuffing, and cut them in two for the melted butter. Have cranberry-Sauce on the table.

PIGEONS may be split and broiled, like CHICKENs; also stewed or fricasseed.
They are very good stewed with slices of cold HAM and green peas, serving up all in the same dish.

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