Recipe: Veal Pie

Cut the VEAL into rather small pieces or slices, put it in a stewpan with hot water to cover it; add to it a tablespoonful of salt and set it over the fire; take off the scum as it rises; when the meat is tender turn it into a dish to cool; take out all the small bones, butter a tin or earthen basin or PUDDING-pan, line it with pie paste, lay some of the parboiled meat in to half fill it; put bits of butter in the size of a hickory nut all over the meat; shake pepper over, dredge wheat flour over until it looks white, then fill it nearly to the top with some of the water in which the meat was boiled; roll a cover for the top of the crust, puff-paste it, giving it two or three turns, and roll it to nearly half [Pg 131]an inch thickness; cut a slit in the centre and make several small incisions on either side of it, put the crust on, trim the edges neatly with a knife; bake one hour in a quick oven. A breast of VEAL will make two two-quart basin pies; half a pound of nice corned PORK, cut in thin slices and parboiled with the meat, will make it very nice, and very little, if any, butter will be required for the pie; when PORK is used not other salt will be necessary. Many are fond of thin slices of sweet HAM cooked with the VEAL for pie.

The Whitehouse Cookbook, by Mrs. F.L. Gillette (Year 1887)