Sharing Family History: Displaying family history

Sharing Family History: Displaying family history By Barry J. Ewell

Display your family tree
Consider making a large wall chart and including pictures as well as names and other data or information. The family tree can be simple or fancy including pictures, symbols, art, color and more.

Share heirlooms and photographs
Pictures and heirlooms make the past come alive. Holding something that once belonged to an ancestor can be a powerful experience.

  • By displaying photographs and family heirlooms around your home, family are constantly reminded of their heritage.
  • Develop and tell stories and histories about heirlooms and their owners.
  • Pictures are a great way to stimulate memories. Individuals enjoy looking and learning about who is in the picture and discovering their life story. Photographs show how clothing and hairstyles have changed over the years.

Decorate your tree
Make decorating your Christmas tree a family activity. This year decorate your tree with family photos of your living relatives and ancestors. You can purchase ornaments that allow you to insert the photos or create your own ornaments. These ornaments are bound to arouse lots of stories and memories. Keep note of these to add to your genealogy research.