Sharing Family History: Join family in genealogy research

Sharing Family History: Join family in genealogy researchBy Barry J. Ewell

Take a genealogy class or seminar
Enroll with a son or daughter in genealogy and history classes or seminars offered at libraries, historical societies, and community colleges. You will both grow in your genealogical ability and your chats on the way to and from classes will be an added benefit.

  • Youth are not afraid of computers – they are fast learners and they are so excited to be involved.
  • Your love and enthusiasm for Family History makes others want to share in the joy.

Coordinate research with several family members
When several family members are interested in doing research, your job may be to coordinate research assignments. The key to coordinating research is to make sure that family members have assignments appropriate to their skills and that they fulfill their assignments. Be sure that assignments are clearly defined before you both agree.

Start a family research fund
Some family members are so involved in their careers or in raising their families that they have little time to help with any aspect of family history work. Yet they do have an interest in learning about their families and in preserving their family’s heritage. A request for financial assistance is an excellent way to get some family members involved and to finance family history research projects. People might…

  • Make a financial contribution that would help finance research projects or purchase family photographs or artifacts that have been found.
  • Help finance the publication of a family history.
  • Send a letter to the entire family, inviting all family members to contribute to this effort. Consider asking for an annual membership fee or for a one-time contribution toward a specific project.