Sharing Family History: Give a gift of family history

Sharing Family History: Give a gift of family historyBy Barry J. Ewell

Craft a heritage gift
Make a gift of family history. Homemade gifts are often inexpensive but are favorites with the recipients. They don’t have to be anything complicated either. Gifts can range from a picture frame with photos of a favorite ancestor and Christmas ornaments to heritage quilts. Making a family heritage gift is often more fun than giving one! 

Give the gift of family history
Be creative about sharing your family history with family. For example

  • Give grandchildren your personal history as a gift or on a smaller scale give a written memory of when you were their age.
  • Write and give a family history story – Each year write a 20-40 page story, copy and give it to each child’s family. Include memories from their own family growing up or new information gathered during research.