Where to look for family history and how to preserve what you find

Family history artifactsBy Barry J. Ewell

Over the past 15-plus years I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about my family through family history and genealogy activities.  Through my journey I have had the opportunity to uncover, organize and preserve 80,000-plus artifacts that range from photographs, vital records (birth, marriage, death certificates) and newspaper clippings to yearbooks, LP records and tapes, jewelry and family heirlooms. Continue reading

Digitizing Artifacts: Digital image file types explained

Digitzing Artifacts: Digital image file types explainedThere are many file types used to encode digital images. The choices are similar but have different characteristics and are best suited for specific applications.  You will often hear file types referred to as “Loosy” or “Lossless” compression.

Lossless  is a compression technique that decompresses data back to its original form without any loss. The decompressed file and the original are identical. All compression methods used to compress text, databases and other business data are lossless. For example, the ZIP archiving technology (PKZIP, WinZip, etc.) is a widely used lossless method. Continue reading