Genealogy: Digitizing records and tapes with Audacity

Digitizing records and tapes with AudacityBy Barry J. Ewell

You’ve been ripping CDs for years, but what about those dusty cassette tapes in your attic and all that bargain-basement vinyl at used book sales? With Audacity, you can capture those vintage tunes, clean up their sound, and carry them around on your MP3 player.

Audacity is a powerful free cross-platform audio editor. It includes tools such as noise removal filters and automatic track splitting that can speed up the process of turning your antique audio into shiny new MP3s or Oggs.
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Genealogy: Keeping personal digital audio

Genealogy: Keeping personal digital audioBy Barry J. Ewell

You may have many digital audio files with music, lectures and other sound recordings. Some of these have personal, financial or other value that leads you to keep them for a long time.

You should make sure that the audio files you select for saving are in an open file format. This will ensure the greatest flexibility for future use. Continue reading

Genealogy: Audio recordings

Genealogy: Audio recordingsBy Barry J. Ewell

Audio recording began in 1877 with tin foil on a cylinder, which was commercialized with the introduction of the wax cylinder recorder by Thomas Edison. Since that time audio recording devices have gone through a series of technological advances. It is possible to digitally reformat any of these commonly encountered recording media which are summarized below. Audio quality will vary based on the type of device, quality of the original recording, and the software employed.  Modern computer-based audio editing software has made it possible to “clean up” the audio in most cases within the limits mentioned above. Continue reading

75+ Introduction to Audacity Tutorials (Audio Recording and Editing)

75+ Introduction to Audacity Tutorials (Audio Recording and Editing)The Audacity for the Genealogist series is provided as a sampling the resources you will find on  The series will provide you direction, tips and tricks on how to use Audacity for audio recording and editing.

Search suggestions: Once you find the slideshow that you are seeking do one of the following:

  1. Scroll and page to the slideshow.
  2. Copy and place the slideshow title or portion of the title in the blog search field, click search and you will be directed to slideshow.
  3. Click on the listing and your will be taken to the slideshow.

A listing of the available slideshows in this series is as follows:

  1. Episode 1:  Downloading and setup
  2. Episode 2: Downloading Lame-Encoder file: Allows Audacity to export MP3 Files
  3. Episode 3: Setup and Configuration
  4. Episode 4:  Setting audio levels
  5. Episode 5:  Audacity Mixer Toolbar Continue reading