Genealogy: Keeping personal digital records

Genealogy: Keeping personal digital recordsYou probably have resumes, school papers, financial spreadsheets, presentation slides or other digital documents. You might also have digital copies of original hard copy documents such as letters, maps or family histories.

Some of this information may have enduring value.

For this type of information it is important to decide which documents to save. Think about different versions, such as drafts and earlier copies. Drafts, for example, can provide important details that do not appear in final versions. Continue reading

Genealogy: How long will media last?

Genealogy: How long will media last? The estimates range from 20 on the low end to 200 years for media such as CD/DVDs on the high-end under the ideal conditions.  Given issues surrounding improper storage and varying qualities of manufacturing quality, you may find some of your backup becoming “worthless” in just a few years.  Few, if any, life expectancy reports for these discs have been published by independent laboratories. Continue reading