Genealogy: Travel checklist for your genealogy trip

Genealogy: Travel checklist for your genealogy trip By Barry J. Ewell

It would be nice to simply walk into a library and find what you want and you are done.   Experience has taught me that I am to expect the unexpected.  The list may seem exhaustive but it is designed to help review your own needs and choose those items you desire to take to make the research trip as effective as possible.

Trust me, there is nothing more frustrating then having traveled a long distance and not have what you need to complete the research. I remember once having a camera battery go dead and there was no store in town that carried the battery I needed.   Due Continue reading

Genealogy: Travel checklist—What to pack

Genealogy: Travel checklist—What to packBy Barry J. Ewell

The following is a suggested packing list that I have use in my travels.   It’s foundation is from Rick Steves, a well known travel host for PBS.  I have found Rick Steves’ council and ideas to be on target and well thought out.

The list will vary somewhat if you are going to U.S. destinations versus other countries, usually Europe.  Pack light and only what you need.  You will be grateful each and every day of your trip with lighter luggage. Continue reading

Genealogy: Digital Camera Checklist for Research

Digital Camera Checklist for Research By Barry J. Ewell

I use my camera extensively when I conduct field research and through my personal experience built a checklist that I have found important to include with my camera. While I don’t use all of the list each time I am out, I have come prepared to handle most situations that I have that you will encounter.

  1. Digital camera with built-in flash
    1. Two extra sets of rechargeable batteries. Continue reading