Genealogy: Care and cleaning of 78s

Genealogy: Care and cleaning of 78sBy Barry J. Ewell

The following are details of how to take care of the 78s which I  have used to take care of 100’s of my own 78s.


  1. Place the record between two sheets of plate glass (or any completely flat surface of moderate weight).
  2. DO NOT place any additional weight or add heat, or place them in the sun, etc.
  3. Placing additional weight on the record will cause the peaks between the grooves to flatten out somewhat, causing distortion during playback; heat can cause the shellac to soften considerably, which causes all kinds of problems. Continue reading

Genealogy: How to convert your vinyl LPs and singles to CD

Genealogy: How to convert your vinyl LPs and singles to CDBy Barry J. Ewell

Do you have your favorite LPs (78 rpm, 33 rpm, and 45 rpm) that belonged to your mom or do have your own collection that you would like to put on CD or MP3? Many old 78s and LPs are irreplaceable, so it pays to preserve them in a digital format. With a good sound-recording and sound-editing program you can take those old scratchy LPs and 78s and record them through your sound card and then burn the music to an audio CD or store it as an MP3 file. You can even filter out all those clicks and pops. Continue reading