Genealogy: Scanning digital images

Genealogy: Print scans vs. film scansBy Barry J. Ewell

As a genealogist, I have found the opportunity to digitally preserve 75% of the artifacts, documents and photos that represent my family’s heritage using the flatbed scanner.  Over 50% of the digital images I have come from other members of my family who have allowed me to scan what they have.  In many instances I have gone to another person’s home and set-up my scanner on a desk or kitchen table.  I have scanned:

  • Photographs: Scanning photographs for printing, for Web pages, for Windows wallpaper, for emailing images to friends and relatives, images for newsletters or genealogical notebooks, and for PowerPoint slides shown at meetings and conferences.   Since my photos are digitized I am now able to use editing software such as Adobe Elements and Photoshop to mend and enrich photos, combine images, create special effects, crop out unwanted images, and an endless number of options. Continue reading