Family History: Look at your writing through a reader’s eyes

10-16-2014 5-23-50 PMBy Barry J. Ewell

When I first started writing, I found myself becoming very defensive when someone made an edit or comment about the writing. I took it very personally. That “filter” was keeping me from seeing how my writing was being received by others. Often the editing and suggestions others made were minor, but they really made a difference in how the writing would be received. Even if I didn’t agree with the recommendation, it gave me a chance to Continue reading

Family History: Revising the first draft

Family History: Revising the first draftBy Barry J. Ewell

Your first draft is done—congratulations! That’s a good beginning. Now it’s time to revise and edit. The difference between a mediocre personal history and a great personal history often comes in the revising and editing stage. I can’t stress this phase of writing enough! I have had the sad experience of writing and printing a newsletter, brochure, or flyer where thorough editing was not done, and an error (such as a misspelling) slipped by. No matter Continue reading