Genealogy: Create your DVD

By Barry J. Ewell

Once your film is “clean,” the file gets compressed into MPEG-4 format before being burned onto a DVD. Your video editing software will be able to walk you through the process. A couple of recommendations are as follows:

  • Limit your video transfer (to DVD) to one hour or less for best quality.
  • Purchase high-quality, write once DVD-R or DVD+R discs; do not use DVD-RW or DVD+RW (rewritable) discs.
  • Burn several versions of the video to DVD (especially if you are going to delete the images off your hard drive), using at least two as backup copies. Note: DVD-R is the most compatible with DVD players (an important detail if you are sharing your DVDs with others).
  • Test your DVD recordings on several DVD players (yours and other family members) to make sure they play.  If not, you will be able to trouble shoot what the issues are and correct accordingly.

Genealogy: How to convert 8mm, Super 8, Single 8 and 16MM to DVD

Genealogy: How to convert 8mm, Super 8, Single 8 and 16MM to DVDion-Home MoviesDo you by chance have 8mm movies of when you were a child?  Do you still have the projector to watch the movies?  Do you remember how fun it used to be to watch those episodes?  Have you thought about converting your old 8mm movies to digital images?  If so, there are several methods for you to consider.

Services for a fee
These services specialize in transferring 8mm, super 8mm and 16mm movie film to digital.  There are different types of processes used. The one I prefer is either a high-definition or standard-definition frame-by-frame transfer service. Each individual frame Continue reading

Genealogy: Converting videotapes to DVD

Genealogy: Converting videotapes to DVDBy Barry J. Ewell

Most of us have old VHS home videos that have been collecting dust in the back of the closet for years. These memories include

  • Your wedding video.
  • Your children growing up.
  • Family vacation footage.
  • Special events (graduations, baptisms, sporting events, holidays, even the birth of your child).
  • Family stories (such as grandpa telling his story on tape). Continue reading