Genealogy: Finding and using newspapers, periodicals

Finding and using newspapers, periodicals-Newspapers and PeriodicalsBy Barry J. Ewell

Newspapers and periodicals are often overlooked resources that can provide extensive value in genealogy research.

Newspapers can contain a multitude of genealogical information — obituaries; notices of births, marriages, and deaths; legal notices; estate transactions; biographies; military service; and immigration. Continue reading

Genealogy: Photographing family gatherings

Genealogy: Photographing family gatheringsBy Barry J. Ewell

For over 40 years I have used the camera to capture the lives of my family and friends.  The camera has been a very important tool in my professional career in public relations and advertising.  I first started with a film camera and spent hundreds of wonderful/fun hours in a dark room developing and printing my on prints.  Since the late 90’s I have used the digital camera extensively in to aid in my genealogical research.

I would like to share with you a few of the lessons I have learned when photographing family gatherings. Continue reading

Genealogy: Extended research trip #10—Plan for your family when you are in the library

Genealogy: Extended research trip #10—Plan for your family when you are in the libraryBy Barry J. Ewell

If you’re taking your family with you on the genealogy trip, be prepared to have activities that your family can go to while you are in the library, if they won’t be participating in the research work. A web search will provide many options to choose from.