Genealogy: Finding and using newspapers, periodicals

Finding and using newspapers, periodicals-Newspapers and PeriodicalsBy Barry J. Ewell

Newspapers and periodicals are often overlooked resources that can provide extensive value in genealogy research.

Newspapers can contain a multitude of genealogical information — obituaries; notices of births, marriages, and deaths; legal notices; estate transactions; biographies; military service; and immigration. Continue reading

Genealogy: Part 1—Effectively tapping into local, county, state historical societies and libraries

10-17-2014 8-38-48 AMBy Barry J. Ewell

The history of a family over many generations lies buried in different sources and places. Like a good detective, the genealogist must search for the pieces of a family’s past in those many sources such as books, documents, and manuscripts. The genealogist must also be patient and imaginative, for the search can take years and involve a string of clues that lead to new sources. The facts–names, dates, Continue reading