Genealogy Immigration/Migration: Using land grants and transfers in researching immigrant ancestors

Using land grants and transfers in researching immigrant ancestorsBy Barry J. Ewell

The following are records and resources that genealogists find extremely helpful and full of clues to find immigrant ancestors. The information is designed to provide a quick reference and direction of where to find and search for records as probable places to find information.

Land records are not a great source for learning the origins of immigrants. While they are often used in other aspects of genealogy research, they seldom mention an immigrant’s Continue reading

Genealogy: Researching land records

Researching land recordsBy Barry J. Ewell

One of the major factors influencing our ancestors coming to America was the availability of land. There is a high likelihood that your ancestor can be found in land records. It is estimated that by the mid-1800s, as many as ninety percent of all adult white males owned land in the United States. Continue reading