Genealogy: Part 1—Effectively tapping into local, county, state historical societies and libraries

10-17-2014 8-38-48 AMBy Barry J. Ewell

The history of a family over many generations lies buried in different sources and places. Like a good detective, the genealogist must search for the pieces of a family’s past in those many sources such as books, documents, and manuscripts. The genealogist must also be patient and imaginative, for the search can take years and involve a string of clues that lead to new sources. The facts–names, dates, Continue reading

Genealogy: A local historian helped me discover ancestral details


Genealogy: A local historian helped me discover ancestral detailsBy Barry J. Ewell

I’ve learned by personal experience that without the help of local experts, I am only marginally successful in understanding and researching local and regional resources.

I was in Virginia with other family genealogists. From previous research we had done, we knew the address of land that was once owned by my progenitor Maxcey Ewell, who had moved there with his father-in-law, John Mullins, and some friends with the surname Maupin. With the help of the rental car’s GPS, we were guided to a dirt-road turnoff. Now what? There wasn’t an address to be found anywhere. Continue reading