Genealogy: Personal websites, blogs and social media

Genealogy: Personal websites, blogs and social mediaIf you have a blog, website, Facebook page or other way to share information on the Internet, you also have a rich source of information that you should think about saving for the future.

For this category you need to start any archiving process by first identifying what you have. You might have multiple places where you share information, and you should give consideration to them all. Continue reading

Genealogy: Optimizing your computer’s performance

Genealogy: Optimizing your computer's performanceClean up disk errors—run once a week  
Whenever a program crashes, or you experience a power outage, your computer may create errors on your computer’s hard disk.  Over time, the errors can slow your computer. Luckily, the Windows operating system includes a disk.  Check program to check and clean any errors on your computer and keep it running smooth. Continue reading