Genealogy: Digital media life expectancy

Genealogy: Digital media life expentancyA lot of ink has been spilled over the issue of media longevity. Media consumers and producers have placed a great deal of emphasis on seeking and promoting high longevity media. Ultimately, however, for a great many reasons, longevity is overrated as a desirable media characteristic.

  • Media life expectancy claims are statistical averages based on accelerated aging tests and can only provide a rough estimate of how long any particular piece of media will last under certain storage and handling. Continue reading

Genealogy: How long will media last?

Genealogy: How long will media last? The estimates range from 20 on the low end to 200 years for media such as CD/DVDs on the high-end under the ideal conditions.  Given issues surrounding improper storage and varying qualities of manufacturing quality, you may find some of your backup becoming “worthless” in just a few years.  Few, if any, life expectancy reports for these discs have been published by independent laboratories. Continue reading