Family History: Writing the personal history, Draft one

Family History: Writing the personal history, Draft oneBy Barry J. Ewell

By now, you should be ready to start writing. Whether you are writing about yourself or someone else, be honest. I have read many histories over the years, and those that have the most meaning include true stories about real life. The stories range from the sad and tragic to the exciting, funny, and simple day-to-day. Continue reading

Family History: Creating the personal history outline

10-16-2014 3-49-05 PMBy Barry J. Ewell

If you took the time to create the Profile Storage Container (or the Box) where you have kept your research, you will find the outline is very easy to create. Start with the first folder and move your way back through the folders, whether you have them in chronological or topical order. If you didn’t take time to create “The Box,” start at the beginning and outline the major events of your life. Start with your childhood years and continue through to the present. For example, the following is a very rough outline, using the roman numeral Continue reading

Family History: Overview of writing the personal history

10-16-2014 4-04-07 PMBy Barry J. Ewell

Get a “second opinion” or several other opinions after you’ve written part of the story—from people you interviewed to be sure you understood their meaning, from people who don’t know any-thing about your family to see if they understand, and from people who know something about writing to see what they think of your work.
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