Genealogy: Ancestor photographs are important links to the past

Genealogy: Ancestor photographs are important links to the pastBy Barry J. Ewell

One day, I was looking through a series of photographs of my ancestors taken in the early 1900s. For the first time, I noticed the writing on the window behind the row of carriages. I took out my magnifying glass and looked closer to find the name of the company (Spanish Fork Co-op), date it was established, and related information. I took time to learn more about the co-op and found that my great-great-grandfather was president. That piece of information was just the beginning of the stories and documents that helped me build my knowledge of that generation and their place in my history. Continue reading

Genealogy: Bring ancestors to life with photographs

Bring ancestors to life with photographsBy Barry J. Ewell

Living family members may not understand the genealogist’s passion for all the “dry” vital data. When you start putting photographs and stories with names and dates, suddenly they become real people with real lives that you and your family can begin to relate to on a personal basis.

In a recent project, I was working with family members to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Elias Jones immigrating from Wales to America. Continue reading