Genealogy: File formats and preservation

Genealogy: File formats and preservationFile formats are the KEY to preservation. One of the goals of digital preservation is to prevent a loss of access to files due to file format obsolescence.

If you are using a file format migration strategy for preservation, then you will be refreshing the digital files over time to keep the content stored in formats that are readable by the current technology. Continue reading

Where to look for family history and how to preserve what you find

Family history artifactsBy Barry J. Ewell

Over the past 15-plus years I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about my family through family history and genealogy activities.  Through my journey I have had the opportunity to uncover, organize and preserve 80,000-plus artifacts that range from photographs, vital records (birth, marriage, death certificates) and newspaper clippings to yearbooks, LP records and tapes, jewelry and family heirlooms. Continue reading

Genealogy: How do I start in understanding digital preservation?

10-14-2014 9-42-02 PMDigital preservation can be viewed as a set of concurrent processes. If you are just starting out, however, it helps to adopt a sequence of broad actions to get into this loop.

  • Evaluate the digital records you have, or are likely to receive to identify formats and potential volumes.
  • Identify records held on removable storage media (such as memory sticks or floppy disks) with a view to transferring them to a more secure storage environment, such as a server. Continue reading

Genealogy: Why digitize?

Genealogy: Why digitize?As genealogists and family historians the main reasons to digitize are to enhance access or share information and improve preservation.  We are able to take bits and pieces of our heritage that are scattered among family members and put them together in a collection that can be shared via CD/DVD and Web.
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30+ Tutorials for Digitizing Family History and Heritage

The Digital Family History and Heritage series is provided as a sampling  the resources you will find on  These videos are part of the Digitizing and Preservation category featuring an online library designed to help learn about digitizing and preserving artifacts, audio, documents, film, video and more.

Search suggestions: Once you find the slideshow that you are seeking do one of the following:

  1. Scroll and page to the slideshow
  2. Copy and place the slideshow title or portion of the title in the blog search field, click search and you will be directed to slideshow.
  3. Click on the listing and your will be taken to the slideshow.

A listing of the available video in this series is as follows:

  1. Digitizing family history #1: Why digital preservation is important for you
  2. Digitizing family history #2: Where will we find the genealogical artifacts?
  3. Digitizing family history #3: What will you find?
  4. Digitizing family history #4: Identify what you want to save
  5. Digitizing family history #5: Choosing what to digitize Continue reading

Digitizing family history #2: Where will we find the genealogical artifacts?

Host: Barry J. Ewell, Digitizing family history and heritage #2: Where will we find the genealogical artifacts?, introduces the need to carefully evaluate and plan where to search for genealogical artifacts.  From generation to generation families preserve and divide important artifacts of all types.  Once you know where to look, you will begin to uncover and discover new aspects of your family history.