Recipe: Pickled Rock Fish

Have ready a large rock-FISH. Put on your FISH-kettle with a sufficiency of water to cover the FISH amply; spring or pump water is best. As soon as the water boils, throw in a tea-cup full of salt, and put in the FISH. Boil it gently for about half an hour, skimming it well. Then take it out, and drain it, laying it slantingly. Reserve a part of the water in which the FISH has been boiled, and season it to your taste with whole cloves, allspice, and mace. Boil it up to extract the strength from the spice, and after it has boiled add to it an equal quantity of the best vinegar. You must have enough of this liquid to cover the FISH again. When the FISH is quite cold, cut off the head and tail, and cut the body into large pieces, extracting the back-bone. Put it into a stone jar, and when the spiced liquor is cold, pour it on the FISH, cover the jar closely, and set it in a cool place. It will be fit for use in a day or two, and if well secured from the air, and put into a cold place will keep a fortnight.

Directions for Cookery, In Its Various Branches.
Ladies and Professional Cooks.
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