Genealogy: 1900 U.S. federal census tutorial

1900 masteheadBy Barry J. Ewell

This is a comprehensive tutorial for researching the 1900 U.S. federal census. You will be introduced to what I have used and shared with thousands to successfully find generations of family. Begin by learning how to use the census as a foundation to effective research, identify, map, and follow family through generations.

The tutorial will expand your knowledge and skills of how to conduct an exhaustive search to find genealogical and Family History records, repositories, resolve research problems and connect with resources researching similar lines.

The tutorial is divided into the following sections:

  • 1790-1940 U.S federal census resources
  • Introduction to 1900 U.S. federal census
  •  How to effectively use the 1900 U.S. federal census
  • Expand your census research with military records
  • Defining the U.S. federal census
  • How to use the 1900 U.S. federal census
  •  Questions asked on the 1900 census

1900 resources
Click on any of the following years and you will be taken to that years’ census tutorial:


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Genealogy: Four-step research strategy for pre-1850 U.S. Federal census

Stepping stonesBy Barry J. Ewell
The 1790 to pre-1850 U.S. Federal and states censuses do contain less information than those from 1850-1940.  You are only provided the name of the head of household and the remainder of the persons are grouped by race/sex/age category.  Each census during this time period does increase in information provided, for example, 1830/1840 census you are given the place of birth, race (white/colored), whether the person is naturalized born citizen and military service in the 1840 census.  You can effectively use the data to build a household profile and search other records to expand you knowledge. Continue reading