Genealogy: United States —Comprehensive library and society resource list for all 50 states

libraries, societiesBy Barry J. Ewell

As this article was being researched it became very clear that links to United States genealogy and historical societies, libraries, and archives are scattered throughout the web.  None of the resources are complete, yet all must reviewed to make sure you have not overlooked a possible source.  Many of the resources are compiled on lists of varying names while others are buried on page 50 of Google search. Rather than give you a few links and say Continue reading

Genealogy Immigration/Migration: Using United States naturalization records in researching immigrant ancestors

Using United States naturalization records in researching immigrant ancestorstion, Migration-Ancestral Roots-Q-ZBy Barry J. Ewell

The following are records and resources that genealogists find extremely helpful and full of clues to find immigrant ancestors. The information is designed to provide a quick reference and direction of where to find and search for records as probable places to find information.

Naturalization records document that an individual was granted citizenship in the United States. Naturalization records are a way to locate arrival information for immigrant ancestors. Those issued after 1906 will have other significant genealogical information. Continue reading