Thank You: Guide to Writing Your Personal and Family History (April 2016)

Writing Personal HistoryThank you.  When the book is published Barry Ewell will send you an email.

About this Book

Conduct oral interviews to uncover important clues and forge relationships that will dramatically speed research. Learn the easy to follow steps in writing, researching, and publishing your personal and family history. Over 1,000 questions across 95 topics organized so you can easily begin a conversation and explore a topic.

In writing this book, I made a few assumptions about who would benefit.  This book is for you if,

  • You have an interest in writing a personal history
  • You have one or more personal experiences that you would like to write and/or record
  • You have a story to write but are not sure about begin
  •  You have member of your family whose story you want to record and/or write
  • You want to research and organize a family history that spans several generations
  • You want to conduct oral interviews but don’t know where to begin
  • You need help in knowing the questions to ask

This book was not meant for you to read from start to finish. Each section is designed to stand alone. There are few dependencies you should know about.

Section 1 is divided into two chapters. Chapter 1 defines the oral interview and the impotence of planning, researching, and carefully stitching the memories and artifacts into a cohesive blend of resources to tell the story that will inspire generations to come.

Chapter 2 provides the support you need to put it all together to write and publish your story.

Section 3 provides over 1,000 questions across 95 topics. The questions for each topic are organized so you can easily begin a conversation and explore a topic from as many angles as you desire. Even the more complex issues of death, divorce, and war can be addressed with sensitive and respect. You will be able to easily review each topic and determine whether you want to address the question in an interview or the history/story you are writing