Thank You…Google Guide for Genealogy

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Google Guide for Genealogy
1001 Ways to Search the Internet like a Genealogist
By Barry J. Ewell

This is a comprehensive guide for genealogists and family historians to effectively use Google to delivery accurate and relevant search results in seconds. Find hundreds of examples of simple to advance search queries that you can immediately use and modify. Learn about the skills you need, records you will find, and resources you can use to find available information.

Release date: Week of February 15, 2015

Delivery of the ebook: All individuals who register for the eBook will receive an email upon the books release with link and instructions of how to download the 350-plus page eBook.

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Book Chapters:  “Google Guide for Genealogy” will include the follow chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Building a Foundation for Successful Google Research
  • Chapter 2: Genealogy Is a Repeatable Process
  • Chapter 3: Keep a research log and cite your sources
  • Chapter 4: Qualify Search Parameters with Boolean Operators
  • Chapter 5: Wildcard Searches
  • Chapter 6: Google Search Operators
  • Chapter 7: Setting Up Advanced Searches
  • Chapter 8: Understanding the Records You Will Find Online
  • Chapter 9: Maximizing Website Searches among Database Record Collections
  • Chapter 10: Search Queries for Finding and Searching Blogs,
  • Chapter 11: Advance Tips and Tricks for Better Genealogy Search
  • Chapter 12: Google Specialized Search Engines
  • Chapter 13: Google Applications for Genealogy
  • Chapter 14: Simple Google Search Queries for Home, Work, and Play
  • Chapter 15: Google QuickHelps